Friday, October 21, 2005

America's REAL War on Terror

President Bush always cited War on Terror to support his foreign escapades and his new Gestapo Ministry of Fatherland Sekuritat.

If you feel as uncomfortable about the police-state agency as I do, it's for good reason. Note the definition of terrorism:

Do you fear your government? Do the letters I-R-S create terror in your heart? Hmmmmm?

President Bush this week (March 20, 2006) describes IRS operations to a tee: "I'm referring to the Taliban, of course. And that's how they would like to run government. They rule by intimidation and fear...the United States of America must...never forget the natural rights that formed our country."

Don't expect the D.C. al Qaeda to listen; for poor Taxpayers, Congress forgot those natural rights a long, long time ago. But worse still, Taxpayers keep funding a Leviathan budget many times larger than what's required to fund the enumerated powers in the Constitution. So even as a relatively free Nontaxpayer, I know my grandchildren's natural rights may one day be obliterated by the Leviathan that YOU are financially supporting (if you're still a Taxpayer).

Every police-state program and regulation that strips us of liberty, property, and the God of our fathers should have been de-funded long ago.

Note the mysteries about how we entered WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Iraq I, and Iraq II? Men in power must create crises; bureaucracies need diversionary disasters. As Hitler's right-hand man said,

To break D.C. al Qaeda's death-grip on America and win the real War on Terror, you must help us embargo terrorist revenues.

As I demonstrated in the Tax Honesty Primer above, most working Americans can do so, lawfully.